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How can I make a purchase in Photobank?

Sign up now. Select photos, transfer the amount to your account. And make a purchase.

How do I deal with licenses? How to understand what license do I need?

More information about licenses can be found on our page - License. This is very important, because the mistake in choosing
The license may lead to litigation and large fines.
If you can not decide what license you need, please contact our Photobank.

Is there any difference from whom to buy a photograph - just a photographer, a member of the IAP Association, or an IAP expert?

A photographer, a member of the IAP Association, an IAP expert are different statuses of photographers. Buy those photos that best meet your requirements for content, quality, size.

What does it mean - the right to a photo?

When you make a purchase in Photobank, you are actually buying not photos, but the rights to use them in accordance with the licenses. There are 4 types of licenses, which clearly describe where and how you can use photos with this type of license.

How do I get my photos?

After payment you will have a link to download photos. It will be available for a limited time.


Can I switch from a Member status to an Expert status and what is needed for this?

Yes, you can. It is necessary to send 10 photos and provide proof of work by a professional photographer in
Flow more than 2 years.

How is the leadership of the Association?


What do you need a photographer to sell photos in a photobank? Do I need to be a professional photographer?

A professional photographer is not necessary. The main thing - you need photos that will buy. And this
Means that the photos should be high-quality, attractive, have the themes necessary for buyers.

What is the difference between royalty-free and extended royalty-free licenses?

With the license Extended Royalty-free, you can use photos in advertising, and with royalty-free.
You can read more about licenses on our page - License

What gives the status of a member of the IAP?

The first is the position of the photographer. The member of the Association has expanded business opportunities, since his
Professional successes are recognized by authoritative experts in the field of photography.
Further, this is an increased interest in the sale of photos in the IAP Photobank. And also the opportunity to place
An unlimited number of galleries and sell their creative photos.

Can I have the status of an expert, if my professional experience is 1 year?

No. It takes more than 2 years of professional work. In addition, it is necessary to have works corresponding to the level

How can I receive my fee?

Very simple. Your account has information about all sales. You can withdraw the fee to your account