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IAP Photobank is a platform for selling photos, music and video with different types of licenses. Buyers from any country can purchase the necessary materials. All photos and videos are of high quality and resolution. The best world authors prepare materials for buyers that can be used in any field. Buyers can search through IAP Photobank photos, as well as photographers to work in a particular area.

IAP offers the services of photographers, experts and premium members of the IAP Association to carry out work in the field of photography. Members of IAP are a high level of professionalism, past creative selection and are masters in their field. In the information about all members, experts, and premium members of the IAP Association, you can find galleries of photos, types and experience of works, contact data. You can directly contact the masters and make an order for the types of work that you are interested in.

IAP is an International Association, so you can find experts and photographers from different countries, which increases the chances of finding exactly the specialist you need and exactly in the country that you are interested in.

The mission of the IAP Association is to select specialists, assess their level of excellence in the work that they presented and present their services.
All members, experts and premium members of the IAP Association are required to comply with the code of ethics published on this website.

The IAP Association has no relation to the search for orders and the orders themselves, which were concluded between the customer and the author.
The IAP Association does not respond and does not accept pretzies for the results of these orders. The customer is fully responsible for the author's choice.
In the IAP Photobank, all authors who passed the creative examination have the right to sell their images.

Authors of images, music and video are divided into the following categories:

1) Authors placing their images for sale of licenses in IAP Photobank. The authors are not members of the IAP Association.

2) Candidates for the IAP Association Members. Have a transitional status.

3) Members of the IAP Association: photographers, Experts and Premium members of the IAP Association. They are high-class specialists. They have the right, in addition to selling images, creating galleries of their work, publishing their contact details and accepting orders for their services.
Since the Association is international, orders can be from any country, which increases their number. Orders are accepted by photographers directly and photographers are fully responsible for them before their customers.

The International Association of IAP unites photographers, regulates rules, protects rights and promotes the development of photography.

Membership in IAP gives the photographer the status recognized in all countries.
IAP promotes professional growth of the members of the Association and attracts the best forces for this.
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